Monday, January 30, 2012

Holy Hair Peyton! I know every body thinks you look like a little girl but i love those curls. Today we walked to the park on Collins and 172nd and let me tell you walking over that causway is no fun at all! We finally made it and it was fun to hang out with our friends. They both wanted to swing so we copied Coly and i thought they looked so cute swinging together. They had fun too. When we got home i am not sure why but i was cold so after making dinner I took a shower and in the middle of my shower I had a little friend come visit with his clothes and all. He was just hangin out playing in the water didn't even care that he was fully clothed. It was funny and hopefully will be one of those things that we laugh about around the dinner table when he is older. The 4th year Podiatry students came back then end of this month and it has been so fun to have them back. Also a big thing is past week Peyton is no longer drinking a bottle before naps and before bed I have been thinking for a while that i needed to stop he is 19 months and doesn't need a bottle but was so afraid to stop, thinking that he would cry for ever and never take a nap of take for ever to fall asleep at night but one day i just made sure he had eaten really good at dinner and after we brushed teeth and said prayer we all said night night and took him in the bed room and said time to go to sleep, He laid down and i put the blanket over him and that is it. Such a huge blessing. He slept through the night when he was 2 months and has never really had a problem i feel so lucky for a good sleeper. :)

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