Monday, January 23, 2012

A few quick things

We are in that phase now where Peyton wants to feed himself badly but makes the most gigantic mess ever and we are washing clothes all the time. I need to start stripping him down before every meal. He loves it though he feels so independent so what ever i can do to help him learn how to take care of himself the better even if that means lots of messes for a while.  Also Tate did two things this morning that were so grown up and have to write them down so i don't  forget how freaking adorable he is. Are kitchen table is pushed up against a wall so unless we pull it out every time ( witch i hate doing) only three people can sit and one has the booster seat for Peyton so.. Peyton was sitting in the booster, Tate was sitting in the middle and Tex was sitting on the opposite side of  Peyton, I normally sit next to Peyton were Tate was sitting this morning but didn't want Tate to have to move so i went to go get a bucket in the Kitchen, the place were i was going  put the bucket were some shoes and when i returned before i could put the bucket down to move the shoes Tate had jumped down off his seat and moved the shoes so i could put the bucket down. I asked Tex did you tell him to do this and Tex said No he hadn't. Tate on his own had seen the need to move the shoes because he new i was going to put the bucket were I did and moved the shoes for me. Such a good helper and pretty grown up I think, he is not even 4 yet and can think very logically the more I learn about him and his personality I love him and am so thankful Heavenly father blessed are family with him. Also about half hour later Peyton   found a cup of water next to my bed that he was drinking out of and Tate wanted a drink so he asked Peyton if he could have a drink but Peyton was not sharing so he yelled to me Mom!!! Peyton is not sharing!! I came in the room and asked Peyton " Peyton can you please share with your brother Peyton shook his head no and before i could asked Peyton again Tate said "he isn't".. So i looked at Tate with a Penetrating gaze and was about to say hold on Tate i am working on it. When he said " O sorry this is your deal" I was able to get Peyton to share and all was well but i couldn't help but laugh a little when Tate said it cause it was such a grown up thing to say. O My how i love them!! :)

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