Monday, January 23, 2012

This Week

O my goodness these boys are so cute! We drove up to the Orlando Temple Friday the 20th. Are friend Sierra came with us so Tex and I could go to the same session. She took these pics of the boys. I love this Temple it is so beautiful. These boys mean the World to me and looking at these pictures of these sweet boys in front of the Temple makes me so glad they are mine forever. We have a forever family and I couldn't be more grateful for the gospel. I felt the biggest difference walking in to the temple, every time I go to the temple and I walk in those doors I am reminded how true this church is and my Testimony is Strengthened. Earlier in the week we went to the aquarium again with the Simmons. Tate and there little girl Ruby get along really well. It was a very fun day. We also had so much fun waiting in the sprint store getting the phone Grandpa sent activated, it was almost 2 hours and for sitting in that stroller the whole time the two boys were really good. This Evening we went to Josh and Sierra's to hang out for a little while, Tate likes to climb the tree they have in the back yard. On are way home he asked me if we could listen to Michael Jackson I put it on,... So funny when the song started he started dancing and said " O ya baby come on work it out" while he is dancing his little heart out. Peyton started dancing shaking his head and moving his hands around in circles, as cheesy as it sounds it was one of those times i felt as the scriptures would say Joy and rejoicing in my posterity. We all danced and laughed with the windows down singing and enjoying being a little family How lucky I am for my boys and my husband. On a little downer note are good friends Adam and Carrie Richins are moving and there last day was today. She became such a good friend and Tate was besties with there little girl Audrey, i am going to miss them so much but wish them luck on there new adventure.

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  1. I just barely read this. And I just barely cried. I miss you. And Audrey talks about Tate almost every day.