Friday, April 29, 2016

Easter 2016

 March 26th- 27th was Easter weekend. The club house had a fun/easy Easter egg hunt with bounce houses, cotton candy, appearances by Batman and the Easter Bunny and face paintings. Paisley loved the bounce house slide and the cotton candy. After the egg hunt I took Paisley home for a nap and the boys stayed for face paintings. It was crazy hot but lots of fun; especially sense I had been gone for a week, it was great to be with my little family.

 Easter Sunday, March 27th. My mom and Dad bought Paisley the cutest dress and it was the cutest to watch her spin in it. The boys looked handsome as always. Peyton ate all his Easter candy that day and was in heaven the whole time he ate it. 

 April 3rd was Sunday conference. Tex was on call so it was just me and the kids pretty much all weekend. They did pretty good so I could listen but they are kids so what can you do..... Take a picture and remember how little they are and how much you love them!

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Januray - March 2016

 These first  picture  from January 8th 2016, I started this thing when the kids got home from school we would have a snack and then go outside and run races. I, like most things in my life have not followed through with this paticular activity but for a month or so it was really fun to watch all three of them run down our street and back again.

Another picture from January 8th. These two hugging; it may seem at times that they don't get along but I have seen Peyton play with her so sweetly and this picture is a reminder of how much they really do love each other.
 January 10th was a Sunday, most Sundays we take a walk as a family and go to the club house park or ride bikes around the block exploring what ever is around us. This Sunday we went to the park and my oh my was Paisley grinning it up. She has the most bubbly and animated personality! How can you look at this face and not be happy.

  Peyton, the little cutie was sitting in time out for a lot of our time at the park. I love this little guy more than he will ever know.
 Above picture is January 31st when I accidentally vacuumed Paisley's foot and ripped a bunch of her skin off. She was in pain of course but was a total champ about my really retarded mistake.
Below picture was February 5th, celebrating 100 days of school. Tate dressed up like an old man and Peyton glued 100 buttons to a sheet for a cape. They have both done amazing so far this school year.
 February 13th- Peyton designed his valentines box as a ship and was very proud of it. They both shared some of the candy they got from school with Paisley and she couldn't have been happier.
 February 14th (Valentines day) was a Sunday and this was on the start of our walk. We went to go check the mail and of course everyone has to climb; well Paisley can't but we helped her hang so she felt like she was doing what her brothers were doing( She can actually hang for a really long time).

 February 21st another Sunday at the club house park. I know I am biased but seriously my kids are so beautiful some times I just have moments that I am looking at them thinking how crazy blessed I am that they are mine and I snap a picture; this is one of those times.

 February 23rd was a Tuesday- Both the boys were on honor roll they received an award and got to have cake and miss a little bit of class in the morning for being on the honor roll. A proud parent moment for sure!
 March 4th- This week had been Dr. Seuss week and the last day they could wear a Dr. Seuss shirt. We didn't have one so I had my super talented and (HOT) husband paint one on an old t-shirt; it turned out pretty amazing!

 March 7th- Tate had a project to make an exhibit from the everglades, this is the inside. With some help from Dad the two of them made a super awesome project.
 March 9th- My 32nd birthday- We went to chillies for dinner which the kids loved because it had a tablet at the table you could play games on and they loved the chips and salsa. After we went and looked around at Ross for shoes for the kids where Peyton collected all of the circle things that have the sizes on them; Peyton loves all things small.

 March 10th- Tex and I's 10 year anniversary. I met him at the Falls Mall where we ate at P. F. Changs for lunch and then we walked around the mall. He bought me some beautiful flowers on our way home. It was short but very relaxing to be with just him and looking around with out worrying where my kids were. We have had are fare share of ups and downs but I really love this man so much. He thinks more of me than I do of my self and for that I am so grateful.
 March 16th was a Wednesday and the three of us Me, Tex and Paisley went to the beach. I loved this day not for any crazy reason, we hung with Paisley, the weather was beautiful and the water was breathtaking. It was just lots of fun!

 March 21-25 Girls camp- I have always loved girls camp, even when I was in Young women's I loved it. Working in Young women's has always been a calling I loved. I missed my kids and husband for the week I was gone for sure but being in the devotionals and night lights; listening to the girls bare their testimonies helped to strengthen mine. The other leaders that were there ( Sister Latty, Sister Summers and Sister Killpack) are all ladies that I love and look up to; they are incredible mothers and leaders, and they know so much about the gospel, it was such a pleasure to be in their company. These young ladies are growing up in a day where Satan is running wild and they are working so hard to stay holding to the iron rod. I love them so much and enjoyed being at camp with them.