Friday, April 29, 2016

Easter 2016

 March 26th- 27th was Easter weekend. The club house had a fun/easy Easter egg hunt with bounce houses, cotton candy, appearances by Batman and the Easter Bunny and face paintings. Paisley loved the bounce house slide and the cotton candy. After the egg hunt I took Paisley home for a nap and the boys stayed for face paintings. It was crazy hot but lots of fun; especially sense I had been gone for a week, it was great to be with my little family.

 Easter Sunday, March 27th. My mom and Dad bought Paisley the cutest dress and it was the cutest to watch her spin in it. The boys looked handsome as always. Peyton ate all his Easter candy that day and was in heaven the whole time he ate it. 

 April 3rd was Sunday conference. Tex was on call so it was just me and the kids pretty much all weekend. They did pretty good so I could listen but they are kids so what can you do..... Take a picture and remember how little they are and how much you love them!

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