Sunday, May 15, 2016

Tates baptisim and much more.

 April 6th- Diane Evans came out early for Tate's baptism. Tex and Diane made two benches for our kitchen table so we had more seating, It's awesome; not only was it good for while we had family in town but also after all the family left our own little family that is getting bigger can all sit at the table together.  In our back yard we have a pond that has some turtles, we have a rock that the turtles come and sun bathe on. Tex kept telling me he could catch one and I kept saying he couldn't; one afternoon (April 7th 2016) he got his net and tried to sneak up on the turtle. He only got so far before the turtle realized danger was near and swam off. Tex ran after it into the water and .... he  caught it!! The kids thought it was so fun to look at him and hold. He was beautiful.  

 April 14th - Tate turned 8 years old and it was really lucky that he got to have lots of family in town. After we got the boys from school we headed to South Point beach. We hung out there for a few hours and then spent a few hours in the car on the way home (the traffic was awful)! Tex got a great shot of Brenton with one of the many ladies we see at the beach that don't wear enough swim suit. So many things about this day make me happy, My oldest turned 8 and I am so thankful everyday for him and all that he teaches me by his example; I know heavenly father loves him very dearly. It was also so fun to see Peyton sitting next to my brother telling him what he thoughts were super funny jokes; we all laughed and the smile that had on his face was priceless. Being in the sun with family is my happy place. Wish we had more time to this kind of awesomeness.

 Later that night after we got home and cleaned up we went to eat a place down the street called Shivers. Every one loved this restaurant so much that we ate there three more times. The BBQ at this restaurant really is so good. After we ate we came back to our house and had cake and ice cream and opened presents with Tate. He got some CR7 shoes that he really wanted and my mom and dad gave him roller blades. His friends had some and he is addicted to them. 

 Tate lost his third tooth that evening. He was pretty excited to have lost another tooth on his birthday!

 April 15th 2016-
 The next day me and my sisters and the boys spent some time at the pool, later we went to the movie The Jungle Book after the movie we went to Shivers again this time with Reed and Aunt Star who had gotten into town. My favorite was after dinner, my sisters came over for a while and had a bowl of ice cream and chatted with us. This is Tex trying to convince Breanna to have her bunion surgery done by a Podiatrist instead of an Orthopedic doctor. Love these two sisters of mine.
 Saturday April 16th 2016 -Tate was baptized by his dad in the Homestead ward building, Bishop Hernandez was there to preside.  It was an amazing day filled with the spirit and lots of family. My Mom gave a great talk on the Holy Ghost which consisted of giving both Tate and the other boy Tristan Short a bag full of gifts that were ways they could remember all the roles of the Holy Ghost. Tate hated the many times we made him stand and smile next to someone but tried to be a good sport. Diane Played the piano and My dad and Tex's dad were witnesses for Tate while he was baptized. I wasn't crying or getting to emotional as I thought would but my heart was full of thanks for my son, my husband and the fact that he was worthy and willing to baptize him, to know that my son was on the right path back to our Father in Heaven who I know loves Tate and that we were lucky enough to have so many family members for this special time in Tate's life. After the Baptism we all went our separate ways to change and nap. We met back together around 4:00 at the house my family was renting and had a BBQ and swam in the pool. Lots of time to chat and relax.

 April 17th 2016-  This picture of Paisley and my brother Brenton in Sacrament meeting with stickers all over their faces is so great. She really warmed to everyone and was sad to see them go.
 After church, lunch and naps we met back up to have dinner and take a walk in the Everglades. We saw a few alligators got some fresh air and then went back for some spaghetti and garlic bread. Another successful day filled with fun memories that will last forever.

            This little girl has personality and then some! We can't get enough of her!

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