Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Fnishing of family in town and School Mothers day Breakfast.

 Monday April 18th we drove down to Key West! It was a really long drive and after we got there some of our party were feeling a little anxious about how small the roads were and how many people were there; it did feel a little claustrophobic. It was hard to keep track of the kids. Most of us fit in the 16 passenger van but Tex and his parents drove up in our pilot. We found a place to eat that was on the water but to be honest I don't remember the name of it because it was so stressful and I didn't even take as many pictures as I would have liked. Looking back there were times of stress but also lots of funny memories too. At the end of the drive, on the way home me and Bethany were so bored we started being crazy in the front seat. Brenton, Aly, Aunt Star and Breanna handled it like champs though.

   This was right outside the restaurant we ate at. We fed the Parrot fish; they were beautiful!

 We got key lime pie dipped in chocolate on a stick and I must say it was very good, My mom loved it!
         A quick picture with me and Tex we hadn't seen each other all day.
We stopped at Bahia Honda beach on the way home and this is the only picture I got was of Paisley in these goggles. It was sad to say goodby to my sisters, brother and Aly but my parents stayed for a few more days; it was amazing to have them all to my self for two days. Me and my dad went grocery shopping, they got to come to one of Tate's Soccer games, we ate at Shivers one more time, We made another one of my moms cream filled cakes and watched movies at night after the kids were in bed. I love my family and feel blessed I'm able to belong to them.
 Thursday May 5th Tate's class had a mothers day breakfast for all the moms. We got to go and have breakfast with them and Mrs Clark had made a  cute video of the kids saying why they love their mom's. I enjoyed every minute of it and so did Paisley cause she got to eat treats.
 He made me this cute flower with his finger prints and this cute note. My favorite part is the end it says Thank you for.... cleaning up the house when no one else will. It made me feel so special that he noticed this. I am lucky Tate is my son!
 Friday May 6th was Peyton's Mothers day breakfast and it was equally wonderful. His heart full of fingerprints warmed my heart. Mrs. Armendariz had also made a cute video of the kids and Peyton said he loved me cause I help him with his homework. Words can't really explain how blessed I feel to have these two boys!

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