Saturday, February 11, 2012

Love my Boys!! And good friedns :)

Wow I have not Written for a while. We have had so much fun with are friends back from internship. Koa and Tate get along so well and have so much fun playing together. We went swimming at Koa's pool both my boys love the water. Peyton is so good just floating in the water hangin while Tate and Koa dive and swim all around him. Leaving in Florida means crazy rain too and Rain it did. The other day it rained all day so the next day there were huge puddles every where, a parking lot next to the Averett's had a really big one so we put there suits on and let them run around in the rain water. Last night we Tex and  I went on a date with some friends and it was so fun. On are way out to drop the kids off at the church (the Young women are trying to raise money for camp that is coming up in March so they are doing a babysitting weekend parents can drop off there kids at the church and go on a date) any way on are way out Peyton was playing with this car/ train and wanted to bring it with us so we did. When we got home he pushed Tate up through the garage and all the way to are apartment i was laughing so hard it was so funny to see little Peyton pushing Tate they are such good friends most the time and they make me laugh. Are date was So fun we went with good friends to the Cheese Cake  Factory for dinner and then because it was in the Mall we walked around we looked in this store called Brookstone it had this massage chair it was so amazing it massaged like every part of my body and I wanted one so bad but it was 3000 dollars. Any way it was fun to be with good friends and be out with my husband and have a little break from day to day life. Now the Fun tonight is my night at the church with the Young Women and i think there will be a little over 20 kids from 6-10 at night and i have to bring my munchkins because Tex will be studying. He is going on a chartered Fishing Boat with Josh and Jimmy Averett. So today might be one of those really long days but that is okay I have had a few really fun night with my Tex. Thursday Night we were flipping through the channels and on the food network there was this thing on called Cupcake wars and 4 Women competed for 10,000 dollars they had judges and everything it was late when we finally went to bed but i had to see who won the cupcake war me and Tex just laughed we kept saying we didn't know cupcake making was so crazy. Either they are good or they are not but not according to these judges. :) I love the night when me and Tex just hang out and laugh like when we were dating just so care free. Don't get me wrong i would not change the way things are now with my boys but life was a lot simpler 6 years ago. Love Tex and my little Boys.

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