Sunday, February 12, 2012


Tate said the funniest thing tonight when we were reading scriptures... We were reading the part where Christ in crucified for us and Tex said to Tate do you know why Jesus died for us? Because he loves us so we need to make good choices.. Be nice to Baby Peyton, share with our friends and listen to mom so when we die we can live with Heavenly Father again. Tate  said I need to be nice to Momma so I can Die?? Tex said O no no I meant so when you are older and go to Heaven and was about to finish his sentence when  Tate broke in and said, I am getting older! We decided that is was better/ easier just to tell him to make good choices and leave it at that. There little minds are so funny. So cute. Well little Peyton has a bad cold and I'm not sure how he will sleep so i better go to bed. Also quick side note... Whitney Houston Died today, I loved her music and i loved the movie The Body Gard she was only 48 really young. Just goes to show you that being Rich and Beautiful doesn't make you happy. The gospel if lived, will bring you true and long lasting Joy. :)

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