Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Very Random

So pretty random yesterday around 5 Tate started complaining that his ear hurt, he seemed fine all day just a  little stuffy nose so i wasn't sure if it was something else or if it really did hurt cause it came on so suddenly. By 530 he was crying so hard and holding his ear. He kept saying my ear hurts.. It really hurts so I called the doctor and made an appt for him and as soon as Tex got home me and Tate left. By then he was clenching his fist and gritting his teeth together cause it hurt so bad. We signed in at the doctors and we were waiting to be called back he was crying loud and saying "He's not coming" ( the doctor) "why isn't he coming?" He finally said in his Tears " Mom I'm begging you please go back there where the doctor is " When we finally got into the room and the doctor came in he let the doctor do whatever he needed to do to make his ear feel better. It was so sad  all I could do is rub his back and hug him i felt so helpless. I wanted to make him feel better so bad. It made me realize how grateful i am to live in a day an age when they can help so quickly they gave him some fever reducer and an ear drop that did something amazing cause when we left he was not complaining anymore. I got his antibiotic and he feels so much better. The Three of us have just been hanging around the house watching movies and relaxing. I have enjoyed hanging with my boys. Today is Valentines and there was a little get together with some of the girls this morning but I didn't have a car so we missed it but me and the boys might walk to the store and get some chocolate and dip some strawberries . I hope we all get feeling better soon.

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