Friday, December 30, 2011

My sweet boys!!

Today for dinner I was randomly feeling like a hot dog so we decided to go to Costco for a cheap meal 1.50 hot dogs and on are way home sitting at a light Tate says from the back of the jeep " Did you know that temples help you get married", Tex and I looked at each other and said "that's right! Who do you want to marry?" He mentioned a little girl that we hang out with a lot and then we reminded him that he should not get married to tell he is a lot older. I know i have mentioned it but it must be something he learned in Nursery. Love that little boy! :) We went down to the pool this afternoon, it was a little chilly but the pool is heated so its not bad at all. Peyton loves the water and we just taught him about 3 or 4 days ago how to swim with his floaty's and he is already a pro. I cant say enough how Awesome this break with Tex has been! Going to the pool and the Beach, We have been reading the Hunger games and we are loving it we put the kids to bed and literally run to the bed to read. Basketball season is here and the Heat have one the first 4 games so fun. Dwayne Wade drained a few tonight, it was a close game only Won by 2. They are going to win it this year! Also the last few months I have been worrying and contemplating a lot about when to have another child, I am Anxious by nature and although it has gotten a lot better the older i get and the longer i am married to my sweet husband who gives me fresh prospective i still compare my self and the decisions i make to everyone around me, I don't want to make any mistakes and i second guess my self all the time. So even when a few days ago  Tex and I had talked through a small plan and i was confident with it I let my self get distracted, then today when reading in the January 2012 Ensign that i had just received Heavenly father answered me ME!! He know me and loves me and was answering a question i had. An article by Elder Carl B. Cook of the seventy called Look Up. Two things particularly stuck out to me. He says

Stay True to the Direction You Receive

We can “look up” by staying true to the direction we’ve received from a loving Heavenly Father through personal revelation. Sometimes others would dissuade us from acting on what we receive, and even if they have good intentions, we need to be true to what we have felt.

 And even more than that this Part about not being afraid... 

Don’t Be Afraid to Act

As important as it is to learn Heavenly Father’s plan for our lives, we sometimes get so caught up in knowing every detail, start to finish, that we become afraid to act. Don’t fall into this trap. Make good choices using your best judgment and move forward with your life. We’re blessed as we make choices. Don’t be afraid to make choices because you are afraid of making mistakes. Don’t be afraid to try new things. In doing so, you will find joy in the journey.

I so often feel that I have to plan things so far in advance, This part expecially was ment for me. I am going to try from now on to do my best just like Elder Cook talk about in his introductory story.

A challenge for all of us is not to look sideways to see how others are viewing our lives but to look up to see how Heavenly Father sees us.
As a young man I was called to serve a mission in Hamburg, Germany. At the Language Training Mission—the predecessor to today’s missionary training center—I struggled to learn the language. As the first and then the second week passed, I noticed that the others in my district were progressing much faster than I was. While they were advancing to complex concepts, my dies, ders, and dases were a disaster.
I started to become concerned—and discouraged. How could I serve a successful mission if I couldn’t communicate with the people I was called to teach?
I prayed for help and sought a priesthood blessing, which provided some reassurance. But I continued to search and struggle, and one day I felt more uptight and worried than ever. As my companion and I walked down the hallway, I stopped at a small janitor’s closet. I asked my companion to wait for me for a moment. I slipped into that tiny room and knelt down on a mop. I began to plead with Heavenly Father for some relief.
The Lord answered that prayer. I felt this thought come into my mind: “I never called you to master the German language. I just called you to serve with all of your heart, mind, and strength.”
I immediately thought, “I can do that. I can serve with all of my heart, mind, and strength. If that’s what the Lord has called me to do, I can do that.” I stood up feeling tremendously relieved.
From that point on, my measuring stick changed. I no longer gauged my progress and success against that of my companion or other members of my district. Instead, I focused on how the Lord felt I was doing. Instead of looking to the side to compare myself to others, I began to look up, so to speak, to know what He thought of my efforts.

I am grateful to a loving Heavenly Father who never leaves you alone and will give you aid if we but knock. I feel so blessed to have been born into a home were the gospel of Jesus Christ was a way of life.

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