Monday, December 26, 2011

Well Christmas is over and Criddle went home to the north pole and will be back next year,  we will miss you Criddle. He did some fun things like making a bed next to the boys with all there blankets and fell fast asleep, he made a big mess with all there puzzles and stamps and played all night. Christmas Eve was his last night and he made 20 paper airplanes and hung them on the ceiling and then took a ride on a few. We spent The night Before Christmas Eve up all night with Tate with itchy Feet, We new he was not feeling good Thursday night when we went to the Gulf stream to see the lights but we didn't know what it was. Yep Hand foot and Mouth Manifested it's self Friday Night, nasty sores all over his hands, feet and mouth and in the back of his throat nasty pussy pockets. He is feeling way better now just the sores remain. Christmas Eve Morning looked like it might not be the best day being tired from the night before and sick Tate but we went to the Beach with a few friends and it was so fun the boys had a blast and they were so good. Very Fun day we relaxed that night easy dinner chili and hot dogs. I have really missed seeing my family and Tex's family in Utah, wish we could have visited plus this year we didn't have a lot of money so the Boys Christmas was pretty bare and Tex and I didn't do anything for each other.  I have decided that Christmas is a lot more fun when you can give, first i wish i could have gotten Tex some cool stuff and I really wish that we were not in school and we had money so we could give to people who were in need. I don't know lots of things about this Christmas were Wonderful but also not so wonderful. I loved that we have had so much time with Tex I have loved hanging out with him at night. He paints while i Blog or work on a project eating  Lime popcorn, watching movies with the Christmas tree lights on, eating dinner as a family, playing in the pool. So many fun things I am really going to miss him when we get back into the routine but I also really missed family and  I know I know.. the Snow I wish we could have bundled up for a few days and played in the snow. I wish you didn't need money to buy things or that we had some. All in all things have been Amazing and we are going to live it up the next week before January Starts and real life starts again.

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