Friday, December 16, 2011

Fire Ants and Friends

It was Quite a day Yesterday, We went with Tex to school to clean his locker out and on are way back to the car Peyton was playing in a grassy/ dirt area and all the sudden he started running over to Tex with his hands in the air, not crying just looked in pain so Tex saw ants and brushed them off not thinking to much of it and then looked down and his shoes and legs were covered in Fire ants. I was sitting on the curb talking to Tate, I heard Tex yell Brittany! I saw him ripping Peyton's Clothes off, I ran over as fast as I could took Peyton and was brushing him off as fast as I could while Tex worked on himself because obviously they were all over him. Any way  this was today's and yesterday's Pictures, O man it is so hard not to pop those little suckers they are so pussy! One of Peyton's first experiences With being a Mortal. You will have many more to come my sweet boy. It is very sad he looks like he has a nasty Dieses. Later that day we picked are very good friends up from the Miami Air Port, they were flying into Utah and stayed with us tell this morning around 11. Me and Miche lived in the same Neighborhood, It was when we lived in Aunt Star's Basement for about 2 or 3 years and she became my Best Friend. They have been living in Brazil where Lee is From and where Miche served her mission, for the past 2 years. We had some dinner walked over to the mall and played in the Play area and had a train ride. It was so fun to see them and was a fun start to our Christmas Break. :)

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