Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Christmas Time!

I love Christmas it has been so fun to decorate the Christmas Tree and do Christmas crafts with Tate and Peyton we are loving having the Elf Criddle visit from the north pole and the funny things he has done to keep life interesting. The other night he popped himself some popcorn and watched movies all night he made such a mess of that popcorn, I think my favorite so far is the Race track he made with duck tape and played with the boys cars all night. Such a fun new Tradition! I think even though Tex is busy with school he is even getting into it. Great news came this Sunday my very best friend is visiting Utah this Christmas and they fly into Miami for the day, cant wait to see the Barbosa family on the 15th :). Also another one of my best friends has been gone for the last 8 months while her husband does his Rotations and they come back for 4 months to finish school on the 18th of January I am very excited!! :) We are looking forward to Tex's holiday break lots of relaxing and hanging out with Dad. I am using my parents camera for now until are is fixed thanks Mom and Dad. Alright well I better go clean up before the boys wake up from naps.  P.S Tate really is smiling in this first picture, it sure does not look like it though.

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