Saturday, November 26, 2011

A few of my thoughts

I have not pictures to share because my camera has been being fixed for like a month now but i have a lots of thoughts I'm not even sure i can remember all of them. First this little Thanksgiving break with Tex home has been amazing. I really love my husband so much being a single mom is really hard, I know it will be worth it when we are done with school but it is just really hard sometimes and i have loved having him around!! I Love the Christmas holiday and am looking forward to it, putting up the tree the mall is full of the hustle and bustle, Christmas lights at Founders park.I just love it!! Just watched a Stupid movie last night called Super 8 and i really did not like it. Thanksgiving was a lot of fun this year (not that last year was not) but I/ We Ran are first 10K ever as a family and Ran all 6 miles my Knees were killing me after we were done but such an amazing feeling to start and finish something that is challenging for you. My Sweet husband was the one pushing me from mile 3 to 5 i don't know if i could have done it with out him. Tate Ran a 100 yard dash with about 20 to 30 other kids and he totally won the race. His face was priceless. :) We had dinner at the Starley's and she made such an amazing Turkey, Rolls and green bean Casserole. I ate so much i felt sick, I'm sure every one says that on thanksgiving but it was true for me. We took family Pictures today at this park on Biscayne called the Enchanted forest or something and it was so beautiful, We had a lot of fun, I have not seen the pictures yet but Terri ( the lady in are ward) Did so great with the pumpkin patch pics with our boys that i am sure they are awesome and cant wait to see them. I talked to a friend the other day that i love and admire so much. In life i think it is hard to find friends who can really accept you for You and she really is one of these friends I love her so much. I am grateful for Awesome Friends and Family,especially my little family. Lastly breaking dawn was so amazing i don't care what any one says i loved it and thought they did a really good job with it.  I'm sorry if my grammar is way off i never have been great and punctuation I'm just typing away.

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