Monday, December 12, 2011

Things happen

So a few days ago I wrote a whole bunch of stuff and right when i was about to publish it erased I was so bugged I just decided i would try again another day. So here I am and i cant even remember what i said last time and it was all good stuff. I am so Excited for the Break Tex is going to have starting Wednesday to the 3rd it is much needed for both of us not to mention the boys, they miss Tex so much. It is amazing to watch the growth in your children.. Peyton is so cute Tate will go hide in a pretty obvious place and Peyton throws his little chubby hand in the air and says " Tate do" then Tate jumps out and Peyton says " de do" his hair is getting so long and i am afraid to cut it cuz i don't want his curls to go away and so i put a little bobby pin in it when it hangs in his face but its not so good because any where i go not matter what he is wearing ( blue, brown) it seems no one can tell he is a boy and they all say O my goodness what a beautiful little girl, you have the most beautiful little girl. O well i know he is a boy and i am going to cut it soon. Tate is going to be 4 in a few months and it blows me away, I am going to be a mom of a 4 year old. 2 days ago ( Saturday) I was doing a whole bunch of shopping we had been all over, Costco, the craft store and the boys were done by this time but i still needed to go to Walmart so in we go and i am using tricks, we are all most done  i was looking in the candy cane area i was looking for a special kind and next to me  was a Walmart worker near by with a huge cart that was so full of stuff she was putting away and little Tate decides to try and clime it!! It falls on top of him... Yes falls on top of him i was so embarrassed and angry I moved him out of the isle and was helping the lady pick up all the stuff off the  floor, all the while he is crying so hard his little lips were blue and his face had turned white he was in a lot of pain and i should have been sweeter to him but i had been asking him to stay close to me but of course why would i think that he would actually listen. I guess to make me feel better.. boys will be boys. I really am trying to teach them how to be good listeners, its a work in progress though. Any way it was the biggest adventure of the day. I had to basically beg them not to call the paramedics. He is fine and now it is just a funny story to tell. The big lesson from it all is i guess work harder with the boys at the listening thing but also not to get so mad stuff happens. :)  Also the 21st of this month i will be getting my Young Women's medallion that i should have gotten when i was a teen but am getting it now and am very excited.

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