Thursday, December 29, 2011

First things first!

So first of all I have to say how awesome it has been, yesterday we took a walk to the mall and it was like 65 degrees out side just enough to make my cheeks cold and tingle a little but my body didn't go numb like it would have in Utah, it was so nice have to wear a jacket. On are way home we played on the stairs of the Police department/ Library and took this picture with the lights in the back. (Dad can't keep his eyes open to save his life but o well.) On Monday we decided to buy a year pass to the Miami Seaquarium  and we had so much fun it was so HOT!! We watched the dolphin and whale show first and it was almost not that enjoyable because it was so hot but the boys had a blast we pet the sting rays, looked at the Manatees, watched the sharks with all the fish and watched the sea lion show, Tate really liked that one cause they had the Grinch in the show. The next day The 27th of December Doctor Sutherlan one of Tex's Professor's took us and another couple the Cameron's on his boat, he took us to some of the Islands like Bocacheeko I wish I could remember the other ones but in any case we had such a good time. He is the nicest man ever at the end of the day he took us to dinner, It was really fun to be with Tex all day and just hang out and goof around. This week has been a lot of fun, Tex and I have also been reading at night the Hunger Games and we are both loving it. I really am going to miss him when this break is over. One week left.

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