Saturday, February 16, 2013

Amelia Earhart Park (February 2nd and 9th)

 We went to this park on February 2 and then again on February 9th so this is two separate times. We loved this park  it is so beautiful! It has everything, goats, horses, geese, lakes, playground, rock wall, trees every where... I love it

 The first time we were at the park we went into this huge pasture that had like 6 or 7 horses. The boys love horses so we were walking around petting them. This one had the prettiest blue eyes I have ever seen! I have never seen a  horse with blue eyes. While we were walking around we kept telling the boys "stay close", "don't walk behind the horses they will kick." They were doing okay but then Tate walked up to a white horse and was petting his head when Peyton walked away from this horse to be with Tate. I turned around right when I saw him pet the horse Tate was standing next to on the butt. I didn't have any time to react but screamed Peyton NO!! I was too late obviously the horse took a step forward and then kicked Peyton in the neck he spiraled in the air twice and hit the ground. I ran over to him and picked him up he was really pale and a bruise was starting to form on the side of his neck, we sat down with him and made sure he could still swallow and after he calmed down he was fine. It could have been a lot worse I so glad he is okay and hopefully he learned his lesson? Not that I want my kids to get hurt to learn lessons but some times it the only way?

                      Tate is such a good climber so he seriously loved this rock wall!

 The second time we went we found this stream that emptied into a dirty lake. Tate fell in and got all wet, while he was playing he didn't mind at all but when we were leaving he was all bummed he was wet. He said the funniest thing on the way out of the park. There were a whole bunch of Geese in the water as we were walking out and they were making geese sounds and Tate asked me " What are the saying? I said " they are probably saying good by because the park is closing." Tate said " Are you sure they are not making fun of me sense I am walking funny cause I am wet?" I could not help but laugh so hard "of course they are not making fun of you, they are just saying by to us and that they want us to come again."

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