Sunday, February 3, 2013

Peyton and Potty training! :)

Potty training! It is February but we actually accomplished this at the beginning of January. It is a relief to be done. I was surprised how well he did.  The first few days I had to be really diligent in taking him and asking him do you have to go? But after a 3 or 4 days he just got it and would run in when he had to go and call out " Mom come look" Before I wiped he wanted me to look in the toilet to see his accomplishments. Any way it has been a month and he has only had 3 accidents and they are more my fault because I have let it go for quite a while before I ask if he has to go and he has forgotten and then it was to late. On to other projects and goals, glad we got that one out of the way early. :)

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