Wednesday, February 20, 2013

One of the Best Sunday afternoon's/ oops on dinner

 I absolutely loved this Sunday (February 17 2013)! After we got home from church the boys played together while Tex and I watched Gator Boys on T.V, Later the boys came over and Peyton climbed on Tex's lap and Tate played with my hair. It was one of those days when you realize how lucky you are!! I have such a wonderful little family and we are so blessed, I could not be more happy or grateful. :)
 The Best Part of the day or I should say the funniest part was dinner. We were having are friend Carine over for dinner because it was her birthday and we had this yummy roast with carrots and onion in the crock pot it had been cooking all day and it smelled so good. We had everything out on the table ready to go and Tex was transferring the food from the crock pot to a glass bowl, he picked it up to bring it to the table and it exploded in his hands!! He didn't move for like 5 min he kept saying I can't believe it one min I was holding it and the next I wasn't. Glass was every where. I tried to eat a piece thinking we could still eat it and I chomped on some glass. So me and Carine had to run over to Publix and grab a chicken and salad for dinner, I felt really bad buying on Sunday but what do you do?  It was such a good day even with are messed up dinner. :)

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