Saturday, February 16, 2013

Another thoughtful conversation with Tate

A few days ago we (me and the boys) were driving down Collins Ave so I could meet up with the Young Women's president and one of the Young Women in our ward. I had a really bad headache so I had no music on and was not talking, so we were driving in silence. Out of the blue Tate said to me Mom?? I want another baby? I said you do? He said yeah a sister cause I have never had a sister. I told him that I wanted another baby too and we would talk to dad about it when he got home. He then said okay this is how it should be... I need another brother so first a sister another brother and then a sister again, that is a big family. He obviously has put a lot of thought into it and it was very sweet to hear him talk about wanting another sibling. Some times Tate and Peyton fight but he really is the cutest big brother. A few nights ago I made spaghetti and Peyton through a huge fit, he kept screaming not that!!! Not that!!!! He pulled his chair across the room throwing his fit.. and I was so exhausted and tired of the fits that I just ignored it. I was getting everything else ready and could hear Tate saying "just try it buddy its really good". Peyton calmed down and when I came out of the kitchen Peyton had moved his chair back to the table and was shoveling the spaghetti in his mouth, Tate said "see Peyton its really good." They ate all there dinner and and it was an enjoyable evening, all because of sweet Tate. :) Peyton is equally wonderful and sweet when he wants to be but I am a firm believer in the terrible two's and Peyton is definitely going through that stage.

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