Sunday, August 25, 2013

Summer Fun! July- Aug

 We have had lots of fun this summer! We got here middle of July and have loved spending time with Friends and family. We went to the Gateway with our cousins ( Vaughn and Teresa's kids) Right next to the fountains they had this snow cone shack and they were the biggest yummiest snow cones I have ever had.

 Uncle Brenton still lives at the house and the boys love it! When ever they see his car in the drive way when we pull up after being out they freak out cause they are so excited. Brenton has taken them out side lots of times to run through the squirting hose.

We have spent numerous hours at the pool, of course my little fish who have grown up in Miami with a pool as something they did everyday this is one of there favorite places to be. Tate got really good at back flips off the diving board that pretty much every one couldn't believe but after hitting his head once we are still working on getting him back up there to do back flips. Peyton loves his brother so much and wants to do everything he does so he worked hard with himself and now he loves jumping off the diving board.

 One night we watched Aunt Bethany Play soft ball for the singles ward she was in and because I have so many memories at a ball field on summer nights this was one of my favorite nights.
 Lots of Family Reunions on both my side and Tex's side but this was the boys favorite one! They played at cowabunga bay water park with Uncle Blake and even though the water was so beyond cold and really windy they could not have been happier. Blake saved me this day, I was really tired and not feeling very good and with no Tex Blake went down all the freezing slides with them. Thank goodness of AWESOME Aunts and Uncles!

 Are most recent fun was at different pool (Taylorsvile pool when we have normally been going to Murry) that has a high dive and they both had no fear jumping off into 12 feet of water and swimming to the edge. Especially Peyton, the other kids could not believe that this little three year old could swim let alone have the nerve to jump off the high dive. I was such a proud mommy even though I had nothing to do with teaching them these awesome things. I mean I would hang out in the pool with them and make them kick to me but other then that they taught them self's.
 Again Uncle Brenton was the best to have around and played with the boys in the water because I wasn't really feeling like getting in. Both my brothers have so much energy and Tate and Peyton love them both so much. I feel really lucky to have such amazing brothers and sisters.

We have been to the Gateway discovery center, the Zoo, the boys have started soccer and soon Tate will start Kindergarten in a week. We have had a few bumps over the last month or so and we really miss Tex and being a family but all in all it has been such a fun summer and I am really excited for the fall, Tex will be with us in September Pumpkin patches, Gardener village the pretty leaves changing, Halloween and Brenton's wedding. :)

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