Sunday, August 25, 2013

Visiting Tex in Temple Texsas

  The first night I got there he picked me up and we stayed in his room that he is renting from a guy named Jason. Friday I went with him early to the hospital and drove around Temple for the day. I found Charming Charleys and the mall. I picked him up around  four and we drove to Austin to stay in this sweet hotel room. Tex got a way good deal on it but we really felt like high rollers.
 Tex had heard that the place to check out was 6th street in Austin so he found this play/ stand up comedy/ magic show called Esthers follies. So we got to our hotel room around 5:30  we showered and got ready to go out. He had heard from a buddy that The Old Pecan St Cafe was a good place to eat. We walked around for a while and found that 6th street was really nasty, it was lots of bars and drunk people. We actually saw so much weird stuff that I will not mention but we had a really good time, and the food at that cafe was really yummy.
  Saturday morning we got up after sleeping in (which felt so good) and ate at I hop and went down to the water park Schlitterbahn. This was the only picture we took because after paying Tex took our stuff back to the jeep so we didn't have to take it around with us. After we played tell 8 when the parks closed we ate at Texas Roadhouse.
 Saturday night we drove back to temple to stay at his place again and we were both so tired when we got home we went right to bed.
 Sunday after church he showed me the lake that is really close to where he is staying. If we do our residency there and we get a house in temple then this lake would be really close to us.
This house will always have good and bad memories for me. Good memories because I had the best time hanging out with Tex in Temple but bad because me and the boys missed him while he has been gone and because the guy that he is renting the room from gets high some times and I hate that Tex has to stay in a nasty house. I went home early Monday morning and Tex is going to be here the first of September and the boys are seriously so excited to see him.

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