Tuesday, February 17, 2015

It never goes as planned

 On February 3rd I was sitting outside with Paisley watching my boys play. They got skate boards for Christmas and our friends and neighbors boy has a skateboard as well, so they were riding bikes and skateboards etc.. I thought to my self Brittany get out there and play with your kids. I rarely do crazy things like this, I leave this to my husband! Well I did I put my shoes on and jacket and asked Tate to show me how to ride a skateboard. I was doing better than I thought I would and wanted to add a little speed, it was a really bad idea cause the next thing I knew the skateboard slipped out in front of me and my right foot was closest to the pavement  bent all the way backward to my heel. I hit the ground and felt the most excruciating pain!! I sat on the pavement trying to quickly deal with the pain hoping by some miracle it would pass quickly and I would just have a bad bruise but after about 10 seconds of that I knew it was something worse when my foot started to swell. I called Tex and told him I had done something to my foot, he told me to get inside, elevate it and take some Ibuprofen.  My friends husband picked me up and took me inside. I very courageously :) held it together while the neighbors waited with me for Tex to get home but as soon as I heard his voice I felt comfortable to let my courage wash away and I let the tears come and they came hard.  We had a friend Connie Mckee from the ward come and watch the kids while we went to the hospital for x-rays. Tex looked at the x-rays and didn't see anything so we left relieved nothing was broken, he stopped at publix got me a salad and some Carmel cone ice cream and we headed home.

 Day 2- my foot is crazy swollen and is turning green and purple.
 Day 3- still very swollen and back at the hospital for a CT because Dr. Carbonell saw some things on the x-ray that looked a little off. The CT showed that I did have breaks and a small dislocation. Thankfully we didn't need to have surgery! My mother in law Dianne flew out the 9th and got here early on the 10th to help out.

 Day 6-
 Day 8- This boot is going to apart of my foot for the next few weeks and it is teaching me patients like nothing ever could. This Year was suppose to be a year of working out and eating healthy. Tex and I had a good routine down and we were seeing results in our  bodies and we felt good but my foot through off every bodys schedule. Tex was having to help me out a little more and was getting up with Paisley in the night cause it is challenging for me. I hope the next few weeks go quickly and we can get back to the original plan :)

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