Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Are trip to YellowStone (Aunt Star's Cabin)

This may take a few more posts then two, I took a ton of pictures. This was a trip to Aunt Star's cabin in Yellowstone. We had a blast of course, When we first got there we went to a Rodeo that Grandma Orullian was so nice to pay for, it was a Rodeo that served yummy food after and entertainment. We danced and goofed around, it was freezing though like 47 degrees! The boys fingers were ice and there little noses were so red. We actually did another Rodeo that was a little closer to the cabin as well that was a lot of fun too. Both times they let little kids ages 2-8 come out and chase a calf that had a ribbon on it, Tate didn't win either time but he sure ran his little heart out. :) We floated down the river, Well I shouldn't say it like it was all fun we were going against the wind so Brenton, Breanna and Bethany really had to row hard so that we didn't crash into the bank, Breanna got some blisters (go sister!!) Peyton was super tired and fell a sleep half way through it was good cause he was so tired but there must have been a little whole in the bottom of the raft cause I was soaked and the water was freezing but it was still so much fun. We went into the actual park and even though I have done it almost every summer sense I was little I still had so much fun. The boys got to see bluflo as Peyton would say it and we stopped at this lake and let them throw rocks, they could have stayed there all day. It is so funny how content they can be with something like that? We ate at are regular place Gushers, we went to the playmill twice. They were such a great cast, Such a funny play, It was the  Drowsy Chaperone and I left both times with my cheeks hurting so bad from laughing.We went into Virgina city I will have to explain later what that is but for now it is an old town that has a lot of the original buildings I think history is so interesting. We also built lots of fires and did s'mores, my boys are not around fires hardly at all so they loved the fires. I am glad that we got to go up and enjoy the time with family and also the beautiful scenery . Thanks Aunt Star for letting us use your cabin. P.s we took my moms old sewing machine up to the cabin and I was able to finish sewing a blanket I have been working on sense last summer. Yay!!!

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