Monday, December 9, 2013


 December 2nd 2013 our little Paisley Afton was born at 11:59 AM weighing 5 pounds exactly and 17 inches long with the most gorgeous silvery blonde hair. Labor was much harder for me with her than with the boys. I swear after I pushed for what seemed like forever the Doctor said good job Brittany we can see a little bit of her head! I thought for sure she should have been out by then. I needed the oxygen mask pushing her out and would have loved a nap in between pushes. but after about 15 min (which I know is still not that long) she was here and like my boys I was instantly in love with her! Because she was so little she struggled to keep her blood sugar where it should be. We left December 4th and it was freezing out side, it had snowed a ton. Dr Hebert was wonderful but I did miss Doctor Irion who delivered both the boys.

 The boys response to her was amazing! They both love her so much. Tate was amazed at how little everything was and commented on her little tongue and little finger nails. Peyton loves to kiss her and tells me all the time how much he loves her and that if any bad guy tries to get her he will kick them in the face. They are going to be the best big brothers. We had lots of family and friends come and visit. I was grateful when the epidural wore off so I could go to the bathroom on my own and take a walk around the recovery wing later that night. Tex has been so sweet and so supportive and I am so thankful! This time around the recovery has been way better and even though nursing is not coming very easy to me I think I am getting the hang of it.

 Paisley had to sit in her car seat for an hour and a half to do a oxygen test tot make sure the car seat was safe for her sense she was so little. she had lost some weight and when we left the hospital she was 4.13. She passed but it was so cute to see her in the car seat, she looked like a little peanut.

She is exactly one week old today! I wish I had taken more pics in the last week but adjusting to 3 kids and trying to figure out nursing with sleep deportation does not leave my mind thinking take more pics Britt! I love this little girl so much and feel like she has been apart of the family for ever. 

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