Friday, November 15, 2013

The first few weeks of November!

 I am the worst slacker ever! I have been meaning to write for ever but have had so many things on my list to do that I put this on the back burner. These first few weeks on November have been so beautiful. It so fun when my mom comes with me and we go the Murray Park way and let the kids play on what they call the dirt hills. A few days ago we took some old bread and fed it to the ducks and it was one of the split second moments that you take a quick snap shot in your memory and hope you never forget, the boys looked so cute sitting on the edge throwing the bread in the water. I wish I could slow down more to enjoy these little moments with these two boys.

 I went with my parents to my Grandpa Orullian's to watch them make chocolates and found it to be quite the science. Very serious business!
 We helped with yard work. My dad was digging up to big tree stumps/ trunks in the front yard and the boys tried their best to help. My mom bought them their own shovels and they thought it was awesome to be out helping the big boys. They discovered earth worms preparing Grandma's garden with her and we had our first snow, the boys loved loved it! They are going to need a little more than jackets when the real snow comes so they can really play in it.

  The boys love to play at the Murray Park way, they just run and run and run. It makes me feel so good that they get so much energy out. Not to mention it is so beautiful.

  This sunset was amazing last Saturday (November 9th 2013) We were just finishing up some yard work and my dad called us back out side to look at this amazing sunset.
 The boys got teeth cleanings, and I am proud to say that Tate had none and Peyton only had one. The doctor said it was not due to bad brushing just a little brown spot he didn't want to get worse. He was very impressed with how good and clean their mouths were. I will pat my self on the back for that  cause I don't feel like I am great at very many things as a mom but I am very diligent about brushing teeth. :)

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