Monday, May 12, 2014

Mothers day 2014

Mothers day was both rewarding and crazy! It started with Tex and I waking up super tired from being up more than once with little Paisley so we were late for church but on our way Tate said from the back seat Dad how come some people don't believe in Jesus? Tex said well some people only believe in what they can see. Tate said well I can't see Jesus or Heavenly father but I still know he is there! I smiled big feeling relieved that he knew that truth so young and silently prayed he would always feel that way. Tex said that is right buddy it's like the Holy Ghost we can't see him but when you make right choices you can feel him telling you that you made a good choice. Yeah Tate said that's what Faith is!  
  Nothing else was said, we rode the rest of the way in silence but it was a moment as a mother when your heart is beyond full. I couldn't be more pleased with who my little Tate is becoming.Our apartment was messy to say the least and we had no real plans for dinner. Paisley napped for about an hour, Tex and I did not get naps :( Around 4 friends from the church said they were taking there kids to the park so we went along to expel energy from our boys. We didn't get home until 7:00 and decided it might be to late to start dinner so we had left overs. Carine Hachon came over and she had not slept for 24 hours( she is a nurse anesthetist) so she pretty much just crashed on our couch and then Tex and I decided to make a dessert that took way to long and all the while both Peyton and Paisley are crying/ whining! It wasn't until the end of night that I was about to go a little bonkers. Though a little more hectic then one would like on this special day that we celebrate being mothers and having wonderful mothers I felt so much love and happiness for my life and felt so blessed to have the privilege of being a mother to my three beautiful children and to have an amazing mother who taught me a lot about being a mother. After church we put Peyton in the shower because for some reason he smelt of pee and had a stuffy nose, when he got out and he was all clean and dressed I looked at him in his beautiful blue eyes and thought " You are mine!! and I love you so much." I snapped a few pictures of him to remember that moment.

Later that night I was feeding Paisley some rice cereal and she was so messy and so tired and so cute I looked at her and felt that same incredible joy rush over me " You are mine!! and I love you so much." I can't imagine my life with out these little ones in my life. It gets crazy and over whelming but I believe  I am becoming who I want to be because of my sweet children.

 I had to let Paisley cry for a while tonight before she fell asleep because I am trying to get her on a schedule and teach her to go to sleep on her own, it broke my heart! the mother in me said go rescue her!! I held out and she fell asleep quick and she still loved me in the morning. After a day of both satisfaction and stress in my life being a mother my thoughts turned to my sweet mother and all she did and does for me. She is my friend as well as my incredible mother. I am forever thankful for her sacrifice in my behalf.

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