Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Graduation festivities part two

I feel bad that I have not written about the rest of our fun around graduation. It seems like it has been crazy around here trying to get this town home in homestead and I am trying to get Paisley on a better sleeping schedule and then at night I am tired so I don't sit down to write. The rest of our fun after graduation! Sunday morning we woke up and Tex and his mom got a lot of dinner ready for the bbq at Dania beach so we didn't have to do it after church. We decided to take our family's to the branch which is more south and lots of our friends go to the branch ( The Marriott's, Matt and Jen Davis, Dr. Sutherland and his wife). It was seriously a wonderful day, Matt Davis who is the branch President gave a really amazing talk and Sunday school was about Joseph who was sold into Egypt and the spirit was so strong. 
After church we changed and drove to Dania beach for dinner by the beach, it was so yummy we had carrots, asparagus, marinated chicken, rolls and salad. Tex's parents had to drive back to Orlando so they left that afternoon. After dinner we took my parents, Grandma and Aunt Star to the Pier in Sunny Isles, it is so beautiful at night.

Monday we were suppose to go boating in the keys with my family like we did with Tex's family but when we got there the wind was really bad so they said we couldn't go. Instead we fed the tarpon and ate in the cafe that was a bud n mary's. We stopped at some of the shops on the way home and the fruit stand Robert is here we shared the yummiest banana chocolate shake and saw the coolest tree (rainbow eucalyptus)
we ended the night at Johny Rockets in the mall for dinner. A very fun day! I loved being with my little family and having me parents, grandma and aunt star in Florida with us. 

 Tuesday was our last day together so we took everybody to key Biscayne to snorkel. It was a little bit of a hike but my sick mom and Grandma made it to the beach and I think we were all glad that we did. Mom got pinched by crab, Tex, Aunt Star and Tate found some really cool little creatures that we left at the beach even though we wanted to bring them home. It was super hot out side so Paisley was pretty miserable but we made it through and hiked back and gotten eaten by misquotes. When we finally got through the traffic and back home we cleaned up and went to the board walk and ate at the Taco Spot and had some ice cream at Ben and Jerry's. It was sad knowing that they had to leave the next day but I knew they couldn't stay for ever so we said good night and then said good by to them at McDonald's the next morning.

So now on to residency and moving to Homestead, the time we had with our family's went by way too fast and we loved having them with us. Family makes life so much more worth living, people to support you and stand by your side means everything. I love my husband and little kiddos so much and even though I was so sad to see my family leave I knew I had my sweet family waiting for me to take care of them and I was honored to be the woman to do the job. :)

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