Friday, May 23, 2014

Can we go to the benches?

 So about a month ago our AC broke and we were literally sweating to death. One of those nights we put all the kids to bed and were watching Dancing with the stars and Peyton kept getting out of bed and I was getting so frustrated and kept putting him back in bed. I could hear him in the bed room crying really hard and suddenly remembered  that he had a nap that afternoon and was NOT tired, So while Tate and Paisley were fast asleep and Tex was on the computer I let Peyton come and sit with me for the last dance and then I needed some cool air so I said Peyton lets take a walk out to the benches in the front of our building. We walked out and sat on the benches and I let him talk to me and show me how fast he can run and talk some more. It was like he was soaking something up that he hadn't had in a really long time, I realize now that life has been so crazy and now with all the attention Paisley gets this little man needed some undivided attention. It was and will be memorable for both of us. All that being said, now Peyton frequently asks to go to " The Benches"  he says come on mom it could be really nice?! So the other nigh these little guys were not tired and wanted to go to the benches (this was Tate's first experience at the benches at night time) It was 10:00 pm and it had seriously just stopped raining but we went out and had the best time. A couple of minutes before we went in the boys started playing in the rain and got soaked. You can't see the benches in the back of us but the benches are very special to me and never want to forget how special those nights were with my little guys.

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