Friday, April 17, 2015

Easter, Stray dog and Tate's Birthday

 This Easter I made these awesome eggs for my sisters, sisters in law and my mom. I put two holes on either side and blew the egg out so it was a hallow egg. I painted and decorated them and put a little note in side that said you're an eggstra special chick xoxox. They were suppose to crack them to see the note inside but the post office would not send them because the boxes were to small. O well it was a great thought.

 This Easter was fun but also kinda of a bust. It was similar to the Christmas we had a few months earlier. Kind of a learning Easter/ conference weekend. For some reason Tex and I were not totally in sync which made it sad but I didn't have a fun breakfast planned that I will for sure do next time and I also want to put together a kit for the kids that they can work on during General conference. I think even though I think I am a organized person there is still lots more I could do to make these Holidays/ conference more enjoyable for every one.

 They each got a little bit of candy and a few dollar toys. Paisley ate one entire chocolate egg for breakfast, I tried taking it from her but there was no way she was giving it up.

 On April 6th my friend and neighbor Yilie had a birthday she turned 27 years old. She wasn't having cake or celebrating so I made brownies and got some balloons for her. She has been a blessing in my life.
 I love this picture so much. After school and homework all these boys get together and play outside, riding bikes, skateboards, hide n seek but mostly they play soccer. I can hear them at the end of the street and it makes me smile. Me and Yilie go out side in the front yard with our little ones, its my favorite time of day.

The above picture is of Humpher the stray dog that showed up at our house about a week ago. We have no idea where he came from but it was determined to stay. The boys wanted to keep him so bad. Tate kept saying Come on this is our only chance to get a free dog!! I felt strongly against keeping it and although they cried bitter tears we shut the door and I said a little prayer it would be okay. It wasn't so easy, about 10 min later we heard the dog scratching and howling at the door it stayed for a few hours and then we didn't hear anything. When we woke up the next morning Tate ran to the front window and looked out side. He said, Oh Mom!! Come look at this. The dog had stayed all night right in front of our door. It chased our car when we took Tate to school and was waiting for us when we got home from dropping him off. I called the animal shelter and they came the next day. We will eventually have a dog but I was not prepared to take care of one in this town home that at the moment only fits our family.

 Tate Turned 7 four days ago. The Saturday before we had a little party with some neighbor friends and the Summers from our ward. We went to the pool and went swimming, we brought pulled pork sandwiches and cupcakes and had a fun and relaxing Saturday.
 This Tuesday we had chipotle for dinner and opened the few presents he had. We gave him a pogo stick, Grandma and Grandpa Orullian gave him a new skateboard, a fun ninja turtles towel and some much needed new clothes. Aunt Star gave him some fun magnet toys that they played with the other day for like 2 hours. It was a fun day and we were so lucky Dad was able to get away from the hospital to be with us. We are lucky and blessed to have Tate in our home and to be his parents. He is such a sweet big brother to his siblings, so helpful and always wants to do the right thing. He loves to be outside doing pretty much anything, I love his tender sweet heart, just the other day I was sitting next to him on the walmart floor waiting for help because our cart had gotten stuck on its way up the pully system they have for the carts and he leaned over and rubbed my back. He knew how frustrated I was and wanted to help. He will never know how much it ment to me, him being as young as he is but helping in such a big way buy rubbing my back almost to say I'm sorry mom, its going to be okay. I remember wanting to have a baby so much but after I had him I was so terrified of the responsibility, he has had to be so patient with me as his mother. I'm for ever thankful for him and that my Father in Heaven trusted me with one of his choice spirits.

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