Thursday, May 21, 2015

Tates Kindergarten Graduation and Mothers day

May 6th-  Was such a fun day! They had a Mothers day breakfast at Tates school for the Kindergarten classes. He made me a vase from a milk carton and beautiful paper flowers. When I walked in Tate was so excited to see me it made my heart swell, as cheezy as that sounds. He kept telling me how happy he was that I was there and how much he loved me. At his seat was a paper that had questions for him to answer about me and he got them all right. He knows me better than I thought he would. We had a good time talking with his class mates and him showing me around the class room. I loved every minute of it!

 May 10th- Mothers Day 2015 was so great and so crazy! Of course mothers day is always on a Sunday and it was the first Sunday we brought our friend and neighbor Yilie and her sons Leo and Alejandro to church also a couple (the Aurthurs)  from the Tex's work that he is friends with came with their two little kids. Making sure every one was comfortable and getting them to the right place at the same time getting my little ones to class. Tex and I both were teaching classes so juggling Paisley and our guests was super nuts. We got through it and it was awesome to have them at church. They all came the next week, we have high hopes for these two families. 
 After church Tex was so sweet and let me take a nap, it was much needed. After dinner and a walk we had chocolate covered strawberries. I love love chocolate covered strawberries so it was a fun treat to end the evening with.

 The boys gave me these cute drawings for mothers day this year. It was seriously better than any gift.

Peyton drew this one of the family eating the strawberries that we were about to eat.

 May12- My little Man had his Kindergarten graduation with his super cute cap and gown. He got a little medal and they did the cutest dance to the song under the sea from the movie Little mermaid. I seriously couldn't stop smiling it was the cutest thing ever! He only has a few more weeks left of school and then I have a 1st grader and a new Kindergartener. Time is flying by. 

 May 17th- Tex had to go to the hospital and then to visit some one in the ward. Paisley was napping so I laid down too. I was lucky to wake up 2 hours later, I could here Paisley, I went and got her and brought her to the bed. She laid down next to me her little head in nestled in my neck fanning her hand over her beloved blankets. It was silent and I felt so strong the love my Father in Heaven had for both of us. It was a moment I will love forever. The silence, my daughter, Sunday afternoon snuggles, her smell, love. It was all present in that quick moment.

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