Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Poor Paisley

 On February 27th 2015 we woke up like any other morning to get Tate ready for school, it was career day at school and Mee Maw was here helping with my broken foot so she made these amazing scrubs for Tate out of some of Tex's old scrubs. He looked so legit! It was so cute, him standing next to his dad in all his gear.  I remember asking him when the flyer came home what he wanted to be when he grew up and he said well I could be a Mechanic or a Doctor? Well my dad is a Doctor so I guess that's what I will be! Tex was able to bring a bunch of stuff home from the hospital to help complete his outfit. He loved the scrubs so much they are folded nicely in his drawer underneath all his clothes so they don't ever get ruined. 

 After saying saying good by to Tex and Tate, me and Diane came in to pick up and and get Breakfast for everyone, when I remembered it was garbage day which ment bringing the garbage around front. She walked out the back door with Peyton and Paisley watching from the door frame. I started to pick up, when I heard the sliding glass door shut followed by the scariest scream I think I have ever heard from one of my children. I hoped as quick as I could to the scene to see Paisley's hand still lodge in the door, when I opened the door to let her hand free her left middle finger was dangling from where it should have been securely attached to her self. Although it was a small thing and she would have been fine with out this part of her finger I could not help feeling a bit unnerved by the sight that I screamed once and then again, Peyton what did you do? Right after I did I felt awful. Peyton's tears came as easily as my scream had, he repeated over and over how sorry he was and in his tears asked again and again if we were still a family and if I still loved him. I grabbed him and gave him a big hug and told him I was so sorry, I knew he didn't mean to and did my best to calm him. This all took place with in probably one and a half minutes. I got up and ran to the front door and told Diane we had to go to the hospital right now. She took one look at the blood running down my arm and the dangling finger, she went right into go mode. I left without shoes and was still in my pajamas, Peyton had clothes on but his hair was a mess and Paisley only had diaper on. In the moment getting my purse a cloth for dripping blood and a blanket for Paisley was as far as my brain went. I called Tex on the way to Jackson South and when we got there he jumped in the car and we went to Miami children's  hospital. It took a lot of waiting but they stitched her finger up,  Paisley was a champ through the whole thing. Even after when we had to re dress her wound and keep it dry she left her hand alone and would just work with her right hand. I remember having a very quick moment to my self before we left the house, in a whisper but also in desperation I almost begged my Father in Heaven to hep me. I repeated please help me, please help me! I need to be calm, please help me to be calm. I didn't want her to loose her finger, I know there were so many worse things that happen to people every day and this in comparison was nothing but still the same I needed help. When we got in the car I felt calm. I chanted shhh shhh shhh to Paisley until she feel asleep and she stayed asleep until we got to the hospital and didn't cry again. I know for a surety that there are people all over the world that  cry out to our Father in Heaven for help and comfort for way worse things than what was happening to me that day but I needed him and I know it was him who calmed both me and Paisley. It Strengthened my testimony so much, I know God lives and I know he loves us so much,  big or small he wants to help and comfort us just like I do with my children.

 We got through it and her finger healed and looks so great! We have sense had Diane leave, both my sisters and Aunt Star visit, we went to Texas for a week ( all these things got written about before this) It is now the first of April, although the first of this year has not been what we thought it would be or what we planned for it has been lots of lessons learned and memories to look back on. Last week Paisley woke up after only being a sleep for a few hours and then didn't go back to sleep until early early in the morning. It took a few days with a few doctors appointments to find out what was causing Paisley pain but we found it she had hand, foot and mouth. It was the worst on her little bum, she has red, pussy pockets at the back of her throat. She would not hold still long enough for me to take a picture of her hands and feet. We are going to visit Utah in June and I am looking forward to hopefully less of this kind of stuff and more relaxing memories. :)

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