Sunday, July 28, 2013

Tate- I hope Heavnly Father hears my prayer...

Two days ago at lunch I once again had the most fun conversation with Tate. My Mom and Peyton had not been feeling very good and so we stopped at the store to purchase some protein Gatorade to  help them feel better. When we got home before we ate lunch Tate said the prayer and in his prayer he asked that Grandma and Peyton would feel better soon. When we were done my mom went to lay down and Tate said to me, "I hope Heavenly Father hears my prayer and grandma feels better soon." I replied, "Of course he will Tate because he loves you so much and he always answers our prayers." Tate continued, "But how does he hear our prayers?" I then gave him what I thought was a pretty good answer,  but then my cute little 5 year old said "Oh so it's like when we say 'Dear Heavenly Father,' the phone starts ringing and he answers and listens to us?" Um, yes!! That's literally the best answer I have ever heard and even though mine was close to his answer, he had nailed it. Tate then asked where Heavenly Father lives and what it looks like so I said that he lived in a big beautiful home in heaven. Tate said it is probably white cause He has white clothes. To finish this most enlightening conversation, my little boy said randomly, "So that time in Florida, when I heard that noise in my room, it wasn't a wolf or Pitch ( from the movie Rise of the Guardians) It was Heavenly Father coming to check on me!" More than half the time I don't feel like I am worthy of this especially valiant spirit. He has taught and is continuing to teach me things that I would not or could not learn any other way other than through the blessing of having him as my son. His patience astounds me every day and his inclination to the spirit is inspiring! I remember once when he was about 1 year old and we were living in my Aunt Star's basement, I was bathing him and getting him ready for bed sitting next to the bath tub. Suddenly I felt a love that superseded my own and a very distinct thought came into my mind  "I love him so much!" It was almost as if our Father in Heaven wanted me to really understand how special His son is! I will never forget it and it helps me to remember that, in a sense, Tate is only borrowed to me. I sincerely wish I was a better parent than I am but I love this boy with all of my heart.

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