Tuesday, July 2, 2013

A beautiful wedding ( May 30 2013)

                                        My Brothers Wedding, I should have written about this a month ago but I have been extra slow at posting because I have been so busy packing to move.

 I really didn't get very many good pictures and I should have gotten way more of both the bride and groom, I don't know what I was thinking? The Wedding dinner the night before was at Red Lobster and it was really yummy! It was so fun to be with my family and be there to support my brother and his new wife, who I just love!

 The Wedding the next day was so  beautiful! And again me and my siblings had such a fun time goofing around also it was fun to get to know Brenton's girl friend. I was starting to miss my little kids and husband and wished they could have been with me.

                                     While I was there I cut my hair!
I ate delicious food from the training table with my sisters and parents.
And of course had some relaxing time out with my mom and sisters getting some pedicures. It was such a long time away from my family I really was missing them so much by the end. Going home for my brothers wedding will always be great memories.

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