Sunday, April 7, 2013

Aunt Bethany's visit (March 28- April 4)

 Well these are in no order at all but we had such a blast with Aunt Bethany! She is so funny, helpful and giving I seriously love being around her. We had a few bumps at first, she was missing mom a little but we got over that fast and did a ton of fun stuff. The First day we went to the Miami Seaquariaum, Saturday there was Easter egg scramble/ carnival in sunny Isles that was really fun, we played at the pool at the beach were Bethany got totally toasted. We dyed Easter eggs, we went shopping and got frozen yogurt and the last night we went and got pedicures. Tate and Peyton loved playing with Aunt Bethany and LOVED getting to know my little sister better. 

 This was at charming charly's and me and Beth were having fun but so were the boys!

 Bethany's awesome burn that I'm sure is the best Tan ever.

        Old Navy getting some new sun glasses!

               Petting the sting rays.

 Sitting on the chair that had fallen into the pool :)

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