Sunday, April 7, 2013

Sunny Isles Easter Egg Scramble (March 30th 2013)

 We have gone to this Easter egg scramble every year sense we have lived in Miami. It is so fun they have these huge areas with eggs and beach balls. There is an area for 1-3 yrs old 4-6 yrs old 7-10 yrs  old so the little kids don't get trampled on. When its time they open the gates and they all run in there and try and get as many eggs as they can, its sorta crazy but fun too. It was really fun to have Beth with us for Easter this year.

 They had rides, food, face paintings, bounce houses, pictures with the Easter Bunny and this Rock wall that Tate really wanted to do. He is such a good climber and climbs on everything, when we play at the park his goal is to see how high he can climb on the play ground. I think he could have gotten all the way to the top but the line was forever long so they could not let them keep trying over and over. Tate tried a few times and the last time he lost his grip the guy walked over to unhook him and Tate said with the most determined voice " I know I can do this." It was seriously the cutest thing ever! He was way bummed he couldn't  try again but we promised him we would find some where that he could do it again and have longer to try.

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