Sunday, April 20, 2014

Tex's Graduation dinner Banquet ( Thursday April 17th 2014)

 This was such a fun night! It was like pulling teeth to get some one willing to watch our kids but then a sweet friend of mine (Tiffany Marriott) was kind enough to come to my house and take such good care of them while we were gone. This lady is amazing she has 5 kids and her husband was helping out the temple and she was still willing to watch our kids. I love her.

 It was so fun to get all dressed up and go to a fancy building and have a fancy dinner and just be with Tex. I am so proud of his accomplishment to get through this whole process, it has been long and hard for him but he did it and he did it while being an amazing dad and husband. The food was yummy and we even tried to dance and let loose, I don't  know how to dance worth a lick but it was still fun. We were probably 2 of the only people who did not drink alcohol, so by the end of the night lots of his classmates were being a little crazy! ( like the fun girl I am taking a picture with Cason)

The view was spectacular and I loved meeting all the classmates Tex has been going to school with. The last few years have been challenging but I would like to think that I have grown as a person and believe I am even better now then I was 4 years ago. Graduation is in 6 days and we are excited and nervous for residency but can't do anything but go forward. Lets do this!!!

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