Friday, April 4, 2014

All these things I forget

Some times Tate acts way older than he really is. A few days ago(? Saturday March 29th)  after getting the boys in bed, I was trying to read them the scriptures but Peyton would not settle down. Every time I started reading he would start talking or laughing, I told him three times Peyton please be quite and settle down so I can read the scriptures. He didn't so I got up and walked out of the room. He started crying so hard, he followed me into the living room crying saying he would be good, I told him that tomorrow he should remember that when I say to settle down I mean it. He went back in the room and I could here him start to quite down about 1 min later he walked out with Tate. Tate said mom Peyton has something he wants to say, Peyton softly said mom I'm beggin you! I again told him I loved him but that I had already given him three chances and he chose not to listen. He walked away with his head hung low and Tate followed him in the bedroom, that's when I heard Tate say.... well Peyton you tried your best! Me and Tex laughed so hard!! Love those little boys!

-Tate's prayers are so thoughtful, Tex was explaining one night during scriptures that Jesus Christ was going to come back to the earth some day and that we need to make good choices so we are ready when he comes. In his prayer that night he said " we are thankful we could play at the park, help us to sleep good and bless that Jesus will get to earth safely. Tex and I grinned, but in my heart every day is a reminder that we need to become as little children. Also that we are lucky to have these little ones as are children.

Monday March 31st- We have been looking for homes down in homestead and cutler bay (Florida) area so we are closer to the hospital Tex will be working at (Jackson South Community Hospital). On Monday we had looked from about 3pm to 9pm. We were hungry, tired and little discouraged not finding anything we were super excited about so we stopped for some dinner at Sonic. When we asked the boys what they wanted Tate said a burger ( no surprise there) and Peyton yelled from the back I want chicken stripes opposed to chicken strips. I seriously loved this !

Thursday April 3rd- This was an awesome day not just because it was my brothers Brentons 28th Birthday but it was also the day Paisley rolled over for the first time all on her own it was the day our family went through the open house for the  newly built Fort Lauderdale temple.

It was no surprise that the temple was beyond beautiful and also no surprise that the spirit was so strong. When we walked into the brides room I hugged Paisley a little tighter and said a little prayer that she would live her life so that she and I could stand in this room (what ever temple that is) together. I know life is full of hard choices to make and evil lurks every where, we make mistakes but we can always change our ways and the Lord is waiting for you to come to him. That being said it is much much easier and you will be much happier if you NEVER leave the safety of the Iron rod.

The last event that happened on April 3rd was we put an offer in for a town home we love in a community called Silver Palms. We have to wait three days before we hear but it was Tex and I's first time putting an offer down on a home. Any time the phone rings we cross our fingers in hopes that it's our realtor telling us that we got the home. We should probably calm down but we are so excited to have a home of our own. :)

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