Thursday, April 10, 2014

Ushering at the temple

 Today I got to usher at the Ft. Lauderdale temple. I directed people into the tents where they watch a short movie before they start the tour. I spent those 5 hours with 5 different sets of sister missionary's and I loved it! There testimony's are so strong and they were so sweet and funny. Brother and sister Beck were working as coordinators so she helped me with any questions I had. They are in our ward here in Miami shores ward and they are good strong couple. The temple and  sky were breathtaking and I felt the spirit so strong and enjoyed helping out. I am thankful Tex was able and willing to watch the kids for me. He was going to usher tomorrow but something came up with school so he is going to see if he can do it some other time. Sister Beck told me a cool story about the first day that the temple was open to the public (March 29th) It was raining every where, they were worried that they might get rain but never did. They were in touch with a member of the church they knew that was a meteorologist who said he couldn't believe it!, it looked like there were walls protecting the temple from getting rained on. After the last tour and the last car left the parking lot it downed poured, It didn't surprise me as much as give me goose bumps and help to strengthen my testimony that this church is true!

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  1. Sis, that Temple is gorgeous. And I am so glad you shared that story, strengthened my testimony as well.