Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Paisley is 4 months!

To: My little lady ( miss Paisley Afton)
  Paisley is 4 months old today, its hard to believe that you are 4 months old, I feel like you are still my little 5 pound baby that was born in December but here we are and you are still as cute as ever and just as fussy as ever. In fact you kept me and dad awake pretty much all night last night, you would not sleep for longer than an hour and a half and we could not figure out what to do with you? I am typing this with my eyes begging me to sleep! One thing I think is so fun is that when ever me and dad go any where with you people always stop us to tell us how beautiful you are. on frequent occasion people will say " O my goodness she looks like a doll!, I thought you were holding a doll!", " O my goodness she is so beautiful! This not being said by just adults kids and teenagers alike love you.You have the most beautiful, perfect porcelain skin and your blue eyes just like your brothers pop right out of your sockets. You suck on your hands none stop and your brothers can not get enough of you! We find all kinds of food on your head from all the kisses they give you.I guess in short, you are beautiful, loved beyond your wildest imagination, and incredibly fussy. Words cannot describe how much I love you, and am thankful you are apart of our little family. :)

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