Sunday, April 6, 2014

Wait Nephi is real?!

These are my little boys! Tonight I had a conversation with these little boys, Tate in particular that will burn into my memory forever. After watching the Saturday session of conference Tex went to the priesthood session with some other guys in the ward while I made dinner and hung out at home with our three little ones. After fighting with Paisley to fall asleep, I wanted to put the boys to bed quickly and go relax on the couch (a very unimportant thing to do), I finished the nightly routine and wanted to say good night and be done but something in me said "Brittany stay consistent, please read the scriptures." So I got them out and sat down to read. I started reading the chapter  when King Limhi's people escaped the wicked Lamenites. I can't for the life of me remember what I said that sparked Tate's question but what ever it was made him ask " Wait so Nephite is real?!  Me: Yes he is real, just like we are real but they lived a long time ago. Tate: So Alma is real? Wait does this mean the 2000 stripling warriors are real too? Me: Yes all the stories from the scriptures are real, these people/ prophets lived just like we are lving today but they lived before us. He put his hands into fists and with the BIGGEST smile on his face said YES!!! I can't wait to meet them in ! He looked at me again to confirm his new found knowledge and said so I will be able to talk to them in heaven? I answered him yes and that I was just as excited to meet these incredible men and woman too. I also told him how we are all heavenly fathers children, we are all a big family. He continued to get more and more excited. So the people on the street they are my brothers and sisters? Mom? Tate asked what about the people that speak Spanish how will we understand what they are saying? In Heaven we will all speak the same language.  Can I invite Ruby Simmons( ruby is a little girl Tate's age, his dad Adam Simmons is a Podiatry student as well)  over to tell her this? She is a member of the church so I think this should come as no shock to her, sure I said we can have her come play. Peyton interjects, does Jesus have a swimming suit or a pack pack (back pack)?  Hmm I don't think so buddy.
Peyton saw a picture of Christ on the cross, why does he have no clothes on? I told him that is all the wicked men would let him wear. He pointed to another picture of the resurrected Christ and  asked who put his clothes on? Me: He did, just like you put your clothes on. I looked at Peyton in the eyes and said Peyton do you know that Jesus Christ died for you and Tate because he loves you so much?! He wants you to make good choices so you can live with him again. Tate looked at me and said " O man I love him too! I need to make good choices so I can live in heaven. He hugged me and told me how much he loved me and gave me a kiss. Before I walked out the door Tate said if we have more questions can we get out of bed to ask you?  I am so grateful that I took the time to read the scriptures to my little boys tonight, seeing the light beam inside his brain and eyes was amazing to see and even better to feel the spirit testify of Christ's divinity. I love this gospel and I love my children and the opportunity I have to be there mother. To: My sweet kiddos, the stories in the scriptures are true and REAL. I have read the Book of Mormon from start to finish and I know that it is true, I believe it with all my heart. I take comfort in knowing that Christ suffered for all of us because he loves us and reading and studying from the scriptures can help you make sense of anything.

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