Monday, August 20, 2012


Our Sunday walk to the park. This Sunday I really wished we lived by family or we had some of our friends back to visit, it was such a slow Sunday we were kinda bored. Around 7 the boys were going crazy so we walked to the park to kick a ball around. I know it maybe was not a Sunday activity but we had so much fun as a family. I normally just let Tex play with the boys while I watch but I got up off my lazy butt and chased the boys around then we had races and it will forever be a really fun memory with our little family, especially cause we only have about a week before another hard semester. We got these sweat bands at the dollar section in the craft store the day before, the boys looked so cute and thought they were so fun. After the park we Skyped some friends and family and off to bed. It turned out to be a super Sunday.

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