Friday, August 3, 2012

Miccosukee Indian Village Fun!!

 Watching this guy was so much fun! I think they are all crazy for hang-in with those big beasts but to each there own and it made for some awesome entertainment. The boys thought it was super cool to see the man wrestle the Alligator. We all got a chance to hold a little one, Peyton was not even a little scared he walked up to the thing grabbed it looked at the camera and said cheese. :) Tate was a little more nervous but still wanted to hold it and take a picture.  I on the other hand was freaking out of my skin. I didn't even know how to hold my arms, I just wanted to take the picture and say I did it and be done. Tex has it in his mind that one day he will volunteer at one of these parks so he can wrestle and Alligator. We will see I am not too fond of the Idea I believe He needs all his limbs to be a Doctor but whatever. It was stinkin hot out side but we had such a fun time walking around we even got to see the big black pigs. These are times I will for sure remember forever. :) Love spending time with my little Family. 

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