Saturday, September 1, 2012

White coat and more

 Hurricane Isaac! August 25-27th Started Saturday Night late and they cancelled all but Sacrament meeting on Sunday. It was so crazy out side it rained so hard and the wind blew so hard I thought the door to our balcony was going to open. Although I feel so bad for those people in New Orleans that got the worst of it and Hurricanes can be really scary It was fun to sit in are apartment all cozy and watch it down pour out side. Monday it rained all day again so we all took really long naps, they cancelled school for Tex so we had another relaxing day with Dad. The only thing that was a bummer is it  always looked so dark outside even when it was one in the afternoon. Tuesday though we woke up to the sun shining and out to the pool we went.

 Quick story Tuesday morning really early 4 am early Tate came sprinting into our bed room and said " Mom do you promise we wont loose Peyton to drowning?" He seemed so disturbed by his dream. I took him back to bed and promised him I would never let Peyton drown. As I was leaving he asked me again "You promise we wont loose Peyton and we wont loose him to drowning? I assured him all was well and that I would never let Peyton drown. It was so cute. Made me realize that even though they fight he loves his little brother very much.
August 30th: One of the Funnest things that I have done this week is clean my fridge with my little Tater Bug. He was the best little helper, he helped take everything out, wipe things down and dry off the things I  washed. When he was done drying something he would look at me and say " Alright good as new" he helped almost right to the very end, I think If I was that little I might get a little bored  but I think the fridge looks great and it was so fun to have his help. Love this little guy.
 I don't know if you can tell but he didn't want me to take a picture. :)
 A big step for my sweet husband, Rite of passage or White coat ceremony he is officially a student Doctor! There is  light at the end of the tunnel! :) He is so funny and would not let me be too excited, he kept saying "It's not that big of a deal", " I have a white coat but I don't know anything" What ever he is amazing and I could not be prouder of him. He works hard for our little family. He passed boards first time through were as 16 of the students didn't, he is getting great grades, and still finds time to be the best dad ever. I love you Tex! I am lucky to have you and can't wait to celebrate graduation with you in two short years.

 At least I got one of those smiles I love to see. Congrats Hun!

 Good friends make School that much more fun, I am thankful he has such good friends.

                                                   Some of his favorites Latif and Deli
                                        I look a little stiff, Not sure why butTex has his eyes open so that is a plus.

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