Friday, September 28, 2012

Miami seaquarium (dolphin in counter)

 Me and the boys had such a fun day together at Miami seaquarium while dad studied. We have been over 15 times and we love it but today was extra special because they picked Tate to be apart of the show. He got to go down and feed the dolphin pet him and help the dolphin trainer. He was a little nervous but he thought it was awesome and I had a blast watching him. Later the boys got to take a picture with this turtle. Tate walked right up to the lady and asked if he could hold it. Peyton loves turtles he takes a little toy turtle to bed almost every night, so even though he is not smiling he thought it was so cool.

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  1. How fun for Tate!! I'm sure he loved it. Your boys both look so big and grown up. They are sooooo cute!