Monday, September 3, 2012


Tonight's conversation with Tate before I kissed him good night.
Tate " Its dad's birthday" Me " O yeah dad is turning 30 tomorrow" Tate " Like is he going to change? Is he going to be fat?" Me " Know he is not going to change, he wont look different because he is older."

Tate " Mom I will forgive any one who gets up set with me and Your a pretty girl, dad is a cool boy, I am a cool boy and Peyton is a cool boy and and I love my family"  Me " and we love you Tate! You are such a special boy."  Tate " Like I am special because I am from heaven?" Me "Yes"

Tate " How long have you had me?" Me "We have had you for 4 years because you are 4 years old"
Tate " But am I going back to heaven?"   Me " Know you can stay with me and daddy, we love you so much."

 It is hard to really see into how fun and cute this conversation was with this special 4 year old of mine. He seems older than 4 and I feel that he is very spiritually inclined. I hope he will continue to grow and learn in the gospel and always stay close to his heavenly father. His prayers are so beautiful, you can hear the maturity in them. He is very methodical about what he is praying for these days. Like thanking heavenly father for how yummy and good the food was that we had for dinner earlier in the day. Blessing dad to get home safe from the hospital that he was going to be working at the next day. He genuinely loves every one and especially loves his family.
Tonight while brushing his teeth I told him how much I loved him and asked him  "Tate do you love me? He said to me I love you and you are a good mom you just get up set some times"

He has the most Beautiful blue eyes and thick brown hair. He is easy to be with and can make friends easy. He is the best swimmer, such a great runner and I know he will excel at anything he wants to do.
I love him so much! More then I can adequately express but I hope I can continue to be a better mom so that he always knows of my Love for him.

- Side note- I love Peyton Jay just as much! I love them so equally but feel that some times I can accidentally over look Tate because he is becoming so self sufficient. I am working on making sure I am giving them equal time and love.

I love you Boys more than you will ever know. :) 

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