Thursday, September 20, 2012

Disney on Ice and the Park

 Disney on Ice it was September 13 (a week ago)! Running a little late on my post. It was a blast just like the 2 times before. Mickey Mouse and all his friends skating on the ice is the best thing ever!  I get just as excited as the boys do. I love everything Disney. :)

 Took the boys to the park the other day it was so toasty but me and Peyton had so much fun taking pictures and then showing the pictures to him. He would look and then go back to his spot and say cheese!!! :) Then say let me see it Mom. My teeth look so Yellow in this picture, O well!

Peyton are little dare devil! Climbing to the top of this and then jumping, He did this over and over tell he was so tired and we left cause we were so Hot!

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  1. I miss that park. And I especially miss that park with you and Tate and Peyton.

    And I am kicking myself that we never made it to Disney On Ice while we were there. So glad you guys went and had fun!