Monday, September 10, 2012

Tate's First Soccer Practice

                                                      Just getting there!

                                                    Getting a little bored!
                                                      Swinging his arm around!
                                                       Learning to stop the ball.

                  Kicking the ball and stopping it when it comes to you, he got it down quick.
                                                    Running for a water break!
                                           Running and kicking the ball. He was Pro!!

                          Putting the balls away, Very particular, he stayed tell it was done. :)

                                                  Trying to get the ball from the coach.

                                           Waiting to run to the other goal post. Having so much fun!

                                      They punched the coach in the stomach, :) Kinda funny
                     Peyton did so good just watching but it was pretty toasty out side.

                                                           Team Huddle!

All done and he was soaking wet! He had so much fun and I think he is going to love going every Monday. The coach was so great with all the little 4 year olds. It is crazy Tate is so big. Life is hard and there is a lot going on all the time but I am so grateful for these little boys even when I feel like giving up they are the bright spot in every grey cloud. I hope he continues to grow healthy and strong and love to be active and play in all these awesome sports. Tonight in his prayer he said " Thankful that he could play soccer and that it was so Awesome! Good Job today Tate. :)

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