Thursday, September 20, 2012

Some spiritual Experiences

A few quick stories.
The other day Maria from across the hall was over at our house and we were talking to her about the Gospel. Trying to answer questions she had about the church. She was having such a hard time believing we are children of God and that he has flesh and bone. Is not sure were she goes after she dies and  really has know idea were she comes from. She kept saying to Tex you are so intelligent you are going to be a Doctor I can't believe you believe these crazy things!! Tate was sitting right by us drawing on some paper, When Tex asked the question again to Maria " So where do you think we came from then?"  Tate said in a really exasperated voice " We go to Heaven!" and a huff at the end like he was having as much trouble understanding why Maria could not understand! So cute! He left after that, not sure if he was bored or could not listen to us try and fail with Maria.I wish it was as easy for adults as it is kids to believe. Any way I seriously hope these little boys remember all the answers that they believe so strongly now. Life is only going to get harder. I hope I am doing enough to teach them about the gospel and there Heavenly home?

The other thing was today I was suppose to go visiting teaching with my partner at 10 am after I dropped Tex off for school and I dropped him off so I could go visiting teaching! Well my partner I guess is busy or forgot? (I am trying to give her the benefit of doubt) She has lived here her whole life so she was going to be the one to help us get around. I have lived here for 2 years but I still do not understand there address. Are  G.P.S was stolen a few months ago and I don't have a cool phone that has a G.PS in it. Normally I would call Tex and have him Google maps it and he would direct me to the address but he was in class, so I called a friend to see if she was home so she could Google  maps it for me and she did not answer. I was so determined to go visiting teaching so I looked at one of the address and started driving.... Heavenly Father (and that is the only explanation I have) Lead me straight to the address I was looking for. She was not home but I left a card and felt really good about it! When I got in the car I thought to my self I need to do more so I looked at the address and started driving in the direction I thought it was and again I was directed to the home. She was not home either but I left the card and felt even better. I was so amazed! I knew it was my father in heaven that directed me to those homes and not only did it strengthen my testimony of the Gospel and how true it is but also of visiting teaching and that the lord really does want and need us to visit the people on are lists. I love this gospel with all my heart! I am so grateful to be a member of the church and to have been raised in it. I am learning especially living here in Florida that it really is a HUGE blessing to have known from birth who you are and that you have a purpose and you have a heavenly home waiting for you when you pass from this life to the next. Thankful to my Mom and Dad teaching it to me.

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